Established with a clear purpose to provide premium medical and healthcare products to clients local and global, we strive continuously toward our 'commitment to care': to individuals, communities, and businesses the world over, at all times.

By expanding our manufacturing capabilities and supplier network, increasing our production and range of critical items such as PPE safety products and respirators, we have strengthened our position as a leading provider meeting the demands of the world’s healthcare and medical equipment requirements.

Through multiple years in business, we have acquired extensive product knowledge, market insights, and partnerships which together, have helped us to become a leading one-stop solutions provider to our customers, ensuring on-time delivery and competitive prices.

VCarehi.com remains deeply driven to continuing its role as a global leader of respirators and medical equipment. Today - and every day.

Messages from our CEOs

I am delighted with how VCarehi.com has evolved quickly, increasing our operations at speed to meet the changing demands of our customers around the world.

This ability to adapt quickly and provide the products most in need, having them reach all corners of the globe with urgency, gives me a huge amount of pride in our capabilities and in our team, where everyone remains 100% focused on fulfilling our customer’s requirements.

We believe all healthcare providers deserve access to reliable, well-produced medical equipment to help them feel safe at work. Our mission ‘to provide the best solutions quickly and at a fair price’ is a long-term view and our customers can be confident VCarehi.com will be here supporting future generations of professionals with our high-quality personal safety products for the years to come.

Marc Vázquez, CEO

VCarehi.com was founded in Europe, Spain in 2020.

A team of business experts, innovators, and specialists, we forged ourselves a clear goal: to ensure the world of the highest quality healthcare and medical equipment at an affordable price - whoever the customer, wherever they are based. Quickly meeting our initial objectives, our product range and services have increased significantly to support more customers in new locations, thanks to our adaptability and an extensive network of suppliers and distributors who share our goal.

I feel extremely proud of our team, each of whom has a genuine ‘customer first’ attitude. Their commitment toward our company vision – helping to safeguard lives through compassionate, responsive delivery of effective healthcare solutions – shines through every day in all that they do. With the best people and robust systems in place, I am excited about our future and look forward to supporting our customers, current and new, with our world-class products.

Wei Wu, CEO

About VCarehi.com


VCarehi.com provides essential healthcare and medical equipment to clients local and global. Owned and directed by Marc Vázquez - highly regarded business entrepreneur with multi-market experience - VCarehi.com was created to support the increasing demand for high-quality healthcare and PPE safety products.


Committed to care, VCarehi.com assures its clients of products that are manufactured to the highest standards, of exceptional quality and fairly priced, delivered to locations across the world with speed and efficiency.


To help Safeguard lives through compassionate, responsive delivery of effective healthcare solutions.


To provide quick solutions and best medical products that are verifiably effective and fair priced.

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