FFP2 Respirators at VCare.Earth

Find the Best FFP2 Respirator

FFP2 standard products have become more than essential in the past few years. Mainly because there are many fine particles and aerosols in the air we breathe. This has increased the need for people to invest a considerable amount of time and effort in choosing the right FFP1 , FFP3 and FFP2 products. These are respirators that can keep harmful particles at bay. At VCare, we specialize in a range of masks that can help you filter breathing air and ensure your wellness. VCare works with a team of skilled and talented professionals who know how to design and create masks to protect you and your employees from harmful particles. And, the FFP2 face mask is meant to protect the wearer from oil aerosols, fine particles and even smoke. The categorization helps clients decide which one is of greater significance to them.

Whether it is an FFP1 or an FFP2, all our masks are carefully designed to meet EU norms. Even the finest particle that can prove to be dangerous to the wearer is filtered. Indeed, this is one of the major reasons why wearers admire the use of VCare masks.

How do our masks work?

As a filtering mask, it covers the lower half of the face. The mask is made using materials that can protect the wearer from inhaling any kind of particle, via the mouth or nose. The masks have nose pieces that ensure the fine fitting. This means the chances of the mask falling off is extremely low. This design is followed in all our FFP1 and FFP2 products. As you breathe air through the mask, you will not face any kind of discomfort too. We, at VCare make sure that our masks that go out of our site are extremely efficient and reliable. The appreciations and accolades of our clients are testimony to this fact.

The technical stats

On average, our masks are capable of filtering all particles up to 0.6 micrometers. Even when there is a huge concentration of pollutants, the masks prove to be useful. VCare has an efficient design in its FFP series to ensure minimal leakage too. This can be attributed to our advanced filtering technology.

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