FFP3 Respirators at VCare.Earth

Find the Best FFP3 Respirator

Our FFP3 standard products, which are designed and developed using a state of the art technology. Indeed, VCare specializes in the creation of amazing respiratory masks that can help you breathe, without worrying about dangerous pathogens that can trigger a myriad of healthcare issues. VCare focuses on the creation of FFP3 products that can make a big difference in your day to day life (and at work).

Unique features of our FFP3 products

One of the most important qualities to look for in ppe safety clothing would be breathability. As the conditions in the workplace become difficult, it can be difficult for employees to breathe. The symptoms of difficulty in breathability will not be seen immediately but after a few minutes of wearing it. This is one of the primary reasons why you need to choose protective coveralls that are highly breathable. That is why, VCare has an interesting collection of medical protective clothing that helps all our healthcare workers breathe freely and engage in their work with comfort.

When it comes to design, we have focused on a range of parameters that would ensure that the mask stays in place. For example, we have valves that help the wearer adjust the mask perfectly. The value is supported using an internal metal clip. Moreover, there are soft inner foams in the product to ensure comfort and convenience around the nose. Remember, this is just one of the very many protocols followed by our designs, which focuses on wearer’s comfort.

The FFP3 face masks from VCare have special isolation techniques. The moment you wear the mask, halfway filtering takes place. As mentioned previously, the secure fit and valve protection system prevents harmful particles from affecting you. The five layers that protect you from foreign particles are:

  • The very first layer is made using PP Non-woven fabric.
  • The second layer is made using Hot air cotton.
  • The third layer is made using PP Melt blown fabric.
  • The fourth layer is carefully crafted using PP Melt blown fabric.
  • Finally, you have the fifth layer that is made using PP Non-woven fabric.

Each of these layers are carefully put together to ensure maximum protection.

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